Here we have something for everyone!

ThriftyWorks Solves One Big Problem

Affordability! With a multitude of FREE resources. Whatever your list niche – and including MMO – ThriftyWorks caters for all. In fact, anyone developing an online business – wanting to save on expenditure.

We provide a high-quality members area, continually updated, and with built-in ticketed support – which provides access to a large collection of free products and services – combined with associated training.

Autoreponder Website Hosting Page Builders Visitor Traffic A.I. & ChatGPT  Product Creation Tools

ThriftyWorks is NOT…

This is not a random collection of things advertised as ‘free’ online. ThriftyWorks is a carefully curated collection of very useable, and totally free products and services.

We have avoided products that can’t be practically used, due to watermarks etc. Most of this product and sales pages have been created, using the the content of ThriftyWorks!

Reasons to Promote

Ideal for: Internet Marketers, Product Creators, Affiliate Promoters, eCommerce Operators
– in fact All Online Businesses – both Newbies and Established

  Contents Variety Appeal to All Niches

  65 to 365 FREE Products + Extras

  Extensive and Varied Training

  HQ Members Area + Ticketed Support

  Very Affordable Vast / High Quality

  VFM = Promoters High Credibility

Start 2024 – by being a Superhero to your list!

ThriftyWorks Funnel

Whilst this funnel only has a maximum order value of $125.95 – we believe this product will convert extremely well, with such a number and variety of products, appealing to so many different niches.

FE   ThriftyWorks Essentials

‘Essentials’ – Access 60+ items…

Live Video Editor | Pro Digital Audio Workstation | Audio Speech and Sound Editor | Graphics Creation and Editing* | Flexible Design and Drawing Tool | HD YouTube Downloader | CC Video Editor | YouTube MP3 | Downloader | Desktop Streaming* | OS Video Editor | Screen Recorder | Easy Online Video Editor | Video to GIF Converter | YouTube Intro Maker | Online Screen Recorder | General Sounds Collection | SL Audio Library | Image Editor (like Photoshop) | Cloud based Image Designer | YT Audio Library | 3D Book Cover Mockup | Diagram Builder | Mockup Generator | Multi Mockup Generator | 3D Book Cover Generator | Online Image | Editing Suite | Profile Picture Generator | Royalty Free Fonts | Drag and Drop Email Builder | Autoresponder – 20k contacts | Email Capture Tool | 12k Free Transactional Emails p/m | Human Friendly Chatbot | Digital Products Sales Platform | Convert PDF to Flipbook | YouTube Thumbnails Maker | Professional Certificate Maker | Social Reminder Animations | Intro Maker | White Label Reseller Hosting | Domain Name Generator | Secure (OW) Web Hosting | Domain Name Word Maker | WordPress Web Hosting | Bootstrap Template | Bootstrap and HTML5 Themes | Bootstrap Builder | Cloud Business Suite Builder | A Selection of SEO Tools | Dead Link Checker | Site Map Generator and Tester | Designer / Developer Resources | In Page Email Address Cloaking | Button Generator | A.I. and ChatGPT Tools | A.I. Online Voice Changer | A.I. Generated Graphics and Pictures | Free ChatGPT | ChatGPT Prompt Generator | Search from 12 Million Prompts. – More items continually added!

And if all of that wasn’t enough – these bonuses too!..

PLUS – Over 40 items or training and instructions

Private Facebook Group

Included with ThriftyWorks Essentials, is access to a place for thrifty, like-minded individuals. The ThriftyWorks Members Group, is an actively moderated, members only, Facebook space. The purpose of this group, is to share online business building experiences – with the emphasis being on adopting a thrifty, money saving and affordable approach – by spending less, and achieving more!

And even more! Fast action and  DS Bonus 

ThriftyWorks Essential Bonuses - Full Details...

ThriftyWorks Essentials – Bonuses

[1] ChatGPT Masterclass – is a 20-video course, taking you through all of the necessary steps, to get started, and also get the best out of using ChatGPT to build your business. 

The video course sections are: 1. Introduction | 2. Conversation Conventions | 3. Google Talk | 4. ChatGPT Workaround | 5. Choosing a Sales Letter Framework | 6. ChatGPT – Ask for Image Prompts | 7. Canva Text to Image for ChatGPT Sales Presentation | 8. Use ChatGPT to Write Headlines and Subheadlines | 9. ChatGPT Thank You Page Script | 10. ChatGPT Launch E-Mails to Customers | 11. ChatGPT Launch E-Mails to Affiliates | 12. ChatGPT Script for a Sales Video | 13. AI with PowerPoint Presentation Coach | 14. AI with PowerPoint – Design and Accessibility | 15. ChatGPT – Write a Welcome E-Mail | 16. ChatGPT Suggests a Layout and Order for the Sales Page | 17. ChatGPT Suggests Colors and Background For the Sales Page Layout | 18. ChatGPT Earnings Disclaimers | 19. ChatGPT Creates the Copy for the Opt-In Page | 20. ChatGPT – Creates the Opt-In E-Mail with Sales Message.

[2] Product Launching Essentials – Without doubt, launching your own digital product can not only be very financially lucrative, but also a means to build your ‘buyers list’, hence giving you the means to promote other affiliate offers to, through the use of marketing email campaigns. Product Launching Essentials – gives you a compete overview to launching your own first digital product. Covering the essentials of how to get your first offer, off the ground – this guide covers ‘best practices’, along with ‘mistakes to avoid’.

Five x Fast Action, Bite-size Reports…

1) Creating Your Own Digital Product

2) Mindset

3) ChatGPT Overview

4) Self-Motivation

5) Selling Your Product

Extra / DS Bonus – these are a ‘down-sell incentive’ with a value much greater than a few dollars discount – so no price drops for affiliate on DS

[E1] 10K in 90 Days or Less! – ‘How to Make $10K+ Per Month In 90 Days or Even Less!’ – a 75-page, step-by-step guide to earning $10,000+ per month. Many people have a hard time believing that it is possible to make $10,000 per month only after 90 days. They have tried a few different approaches in Internet Marketing and have not made a single dollar so how are they going to make $10,000 in 3 short months?

If you are one of these people then consider this. There have been people that have followed the method described in this eBook that have made more than $10,000 by the end of 90 days. There are others that have made $10,000 a month faster than 90 days. It’s certainly possible.

This is not a miracle “make $10,000 a month by clicking a couple of buttons on your computer” method. Those kinds of claims are just hype and you should avoid them at all costs.
This is a solid and dependable method that has been working for many years and will continue to work in the future.

OTO-1   ThriftyWorks Gold

‘Gold’ – Access 125+ additional items…

cPanel Web Hosting | Cloud Hosting | DR-18 – Hollywood Pro Video Editor | VFX and Video Creation | Record, Edit and Mix – DAW | Quality Audio Editor / Mixer | Cross-Platform Image Editor | VN Video Editor | Drawing and Image Editor | Audio-to-Face 3D Animation* | Content Management System (CMS) | Bootstrap Editor Builder | SEO Spider (free up to 500 URL’s) | Auto Captions Generator | No watermark – Online Video Editor | Videos, Clips and Loops | Temporary (throwaway) Email Addresses | Email Scraper | SB Video Editor | 4K Video Downloader | Search Engine Updater | YouTube Back-links Generator – 1 | 650 Bloggers and Content Creators Prompts | 24 Different Categories – ChatGPT Prompts | 190 Marketing ChatGPT Prompts | Email Verification Service | AI Music Composition (3 DL p/m) | Midjourney AI Images | AI Art (9 free images) Generator | 10,000 Words p/m AI Writer | 10k Ch p/m – AI Voice generator | 2,500 Words p/m AI Voice Generator | AI Voice Synth (300 free credits p/m) | Online Store Page | ‘A beginners guide to SEO’ | Online Store Platform | 5 Page Web Store | Email Spam Trigger Words Checker | Email Spam Score Checker | Marketing Mail Spam Words Checker | Beautiful Stock Video | Video Assets (video, music, Effects, etc.) | ChatGPT Prompts Repository | YouTube Back-links Generator – 2 | Automatic Back-links Generator | Webpage / Website Submitter | SEO Tools | Button Generator – 2 | Terms and Privacy Policy Generator | Website Widgets | Cookies Banner Generator | Online HTML Editor | Web Project Builder | Google Search Console

SEO Toolbox | 3 p/d Raw Search | Back-links Checker | Google Snippets | Optimization Tool | Sound FX’s | cPanel Web Hosting | Cloud Hosting | CTA (Call to Action) Button Generator | 28 x Self-Hosted Scripts | Website hosting | Landing Page templates | AI Music Re-mixer | Audio Visualizer | Audio Cutter / MP3 Trimmer | Audio Joiner | Text Logo Generator | 50 x Background removals | All Mockups | Conference Call Platform Support Center | Sales Commissions Calculator | YouTube Tags Generator | ‘Learn To Code For Free Extensive Tutorials’ | YouTube Tags Extractor | Social Media ‘Like’ Exchange | Website Templates | Cookies Notice Generator | Web Page Speed Insights | Social Media ‘Like’ Exchange | Online Meetings Platform | Digital Products Sales Platform | 1,000 x (p/m) Workflow Automations | Private Label Rights (PLR) Products – 1 | PLR – 2 | 10,000 p/m Chatbot | Online Certificate Maker | Logo Maker | Online Certificate Generator | Grammar Checking | ‘Setting Up a Facebook Pixel’ | Ad and Tracking Search Engine | Online Notes and Bookmarking | Workflow Data Automation | Internet Tools | Font and Emoji Generator | Convert PNG images to SVG images | SVG Images Converter | Images Library | Vectors, Icons and Stickers | Social Media Graphics | Vector and Photo Images | Logo Maker Templates | Text Logo Generator | Public Domain Vectored Images | Fancy Font Generator | Clip Art | Emoji Library | Images, Emojis and Fonts | Online PNG Tools | Domain Name Generator – 2 | Instant Domain Name Search | Domain Name Generator – 3 | Email Extractor and Verification | AI Photo Editor – PLUS Everything in ‘Essentials’More items continually added!

Four Additional Bonuses – Plus DS Bonus… 

ThriftyWorks GOLD Bonuses - Full Details...

ThriftyWorks Gold Bonuses

[3] 5 Reasons to Market your Business with Video – Discover how to turn more of your site visitors into SALES with VIDEO MARKETING! Make your website live up to its full financial potential by using the tweaks you learn from its powerful video series, “5 Reasons to Market Your Business with Video”.

Here’s what’s covered: • Solve the #1 reason for low online sales • Connect in one particularly powerful way with your audience • Learn about the role video plays in opening and closing deals with online audiences • Rake in more dollars with this simple video feature • A little bit of this factor goes a long way in ensuring your business’ profitability!

[4] Success Mindset – Learn How to Nurture a Mindset of Success – To Become an Unstoppable Entrepreneur!

The good thing about identifying your limiting beliefs is that now, you can use two simple steps to change them. Remind yourself daily, and before long – your new, positive, limitless beliefs will be the things that drive you toward the success you deserve.

[5] Google Bard A.I. Expertise – Training Guide – With Google Bard AI Expertise, that dream becomes a reality. This revolutionary course is designed to assist independent professionals like you in generating high-converting content by using Google Bard AI.

It is a highly informative, 140+ page product that will help you to start generating income for you the second you start offering it to your customers.

Extra / DS Bonus – these are a ‘down-sell incentive’ with a value much greater than a few dollars discount – so no price drops for affiliate on DS

[E2] Traffic Widardry Of all the things a successful online business owner needs, traffic is at the very top of the list. But not just any traffic. What you’ll need in order to achieve success is targeted traffic. That means people who are seriously interested in whatever information, product, or service you happen to be promoting.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways in which to generate traffic. Some good. Some not so good. But if you handle them properly, any and all methods of gaining additional traffic can
be beneficial. In fact, there’s no end to the amount of traffic – laser targeted traffic – you can ultimately generate. Let this 40-page guide – show you the ways!

OTO-2   ThriftyWorks Platinum

‘Platinum’ – A further 175+ additional items…

Live Streaming Software | 10Gb cPanel Hosting | Quality Digital Music Synth | 10,000+ Free Landing Pages | 3D Animation Creation Suite | Streaming Studio | 2,500 Website Visitors | SEO Tools | 140+ Marketing ChatGPT Prompts | AI Face Animation | Visitor Heat Map | Over 510,000 Illustrations | Website Copier | Website Analytics | Finds Performing Keywords | 5 products – Online Store | 1000 Free Links Shortening | 30 p/m – Link Shortening Service | AI Powered Website Builder #1 | Website Chat and Ticketing System | PLR – Library #4 | ChatGPT4 Prompts Generator | Office Interior Videos | Advanced Audio Editor | Streaming Avatars | Content Management System (CRM) | Domain Name Suggestion Tool | Visitor Exchange Platform | AI Powered Website Builder #2 | Hand Picked – Stock Video | Landing Page Templates | Online Shopping Cart System | Over 140,000 Vector Art Images | LMMS Music Production Software | Marketing & Automation Software | 2D Studio Animation Software | HD 7 4K Video Stock | Website Up-time Monitoring | Advanced Sub-Titles Editor | AI Powered – Instant Mobile Website Builder | 40,000+ Royalty Free Music Tracks | Online Pitch Shifter | 2,000 Contacts and Unlimited Emails Autoresponder | DJ & Music Mixing System | AI Powered – Photo Restorer | Advanced Audio Mixer | Virtual Audio Cable | ‘Scam Free’ Website Seal | Meetings and Events Scheduler | HTML to PDF Converter | 90,000 Sound Effects | WarriorPlus – Beginners Guide | Stock Music | Product | Creation From PLR Guide | Website Authority Checker | Check for Content Cloning | Customers Relations Manager (CRM) | Text-to-Speech Tool | Font Generator | AI Writing Assistant | Collaboration Workspace

10,000 p/m – Web Push System | 3,000 p/m Free Transactional Emails | Stock Video Footage | Animated Video Backgrounds | Cartoon Story Maker | Unique – Video Stock | Expiring Domain Names #1 | Digital Product Creation Using AI Guide | Online Video Trimmer | PLR – Library #5 | AI Text to Video | Email Subject Line Generator | 2D Stop-Motion Animation | Audio and Waveform Editor | Artists Painting Tool | Unlimited Online Invoicing System | Bookmark Manager | Website Developer Tools | High Quality Fonts | 1,000’s of Free HTML5 Templates | Animated GIF Maker | AI Presentation Slides | Cinemagraphs | Web Traffic Exchange | List Building Autoresponder | Favicon Generator | DirectAdmin Hosting | Real Favicon Generator | 10 x Custom Page Loaders | AI NFT Art Creator | Exclusive Design Resources | 1,000’s of Graphic Design Elements | 3D Stock Images & Videos | Screen Reading Software | Thousands of Video Clips | SP Video Editor | Free SSL Certificates | Web URL Submitter | Expiring Domain Names #2 | Mega Images Library | High Quality Design Resources | Logo Maker | ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Guide | ChatGPT Plugins and Tools | Personal Avatar AI Generator | Robots.txt Generator #1 | Small SEO Tools | 1GB Hosting with SSL | PLR – Library #6 | Advanced Data Analytics | Sales Emails Spam Checker | AI Powered – Photo Colorizer | 10,000 p/m – Popups System | Screenshot Capture and Recorder | Animated Webp Image Generator | Photoshop and Sketch Templates | Illustrations Library | Design Resources | Affiliate ClickBank Marketing via LinkedIn | Online Image (x500 free) Theft Protection | AI Generated Royalty Free Music | 8,400+ SVG Icons | Global DNS Checker | Online Whiteboard | PDF to HTML Converter | Online Mind Mapper | AI Assisted Software Development | PLR – Library #7 | SEO Analysis System | Expired Domains Searcher | Online Image Compression Tool | AI (5 credits p/day) Image Upscaler | AI Powered – Avatar from Photo | GIF’s and Animated Stickers Library | Text Graphics and Logo Generator | Website Security Checker | Secure Web Hosting #1 | Online OCR | Bing Webmaster Tools | Google Structured Data | Creators – Online Sales System | Site Map Generator | Cloud Notepad | Face Swap Real Time Streaming | Font Generator | Landing Page Builder | Traffic Generation Tools | Super PLR Library | Online Photo Editor | Webpage to Image Converter | Screenshot Studio | JV Zoo Affiliate Marketing Tutorial | Getting Free Traffic To Your Offer Guide | 3D Box Shot Maker | Cross-Browser Tester | 1,000 p/m Free Autoresponder | Video LipSync Systems | Test Email Deliver-ability | Visitors Traffic Exchange #2 | Webpage to PDF Converter | AI Videos from Photos Speaking Portrait | Daily Dropped Domains | Meta Tags Generator | Landing Pages Library | Website Copier | Schema Markup Generator | Facebook Comments Plugin | Popups Generator | Robots.txt Generator #2 | 1000 Subscriber Chatbot Marketing System | Web Image Speed Analyzer | AI Directory of Emerging Apps and Services | ChatGPT Testing Arena – PLUS ALL ‘Essentials’, AND ALL ‘Gold’More items continually added!

Five More Additional Bonuses – Plus DS Bonus… 

ThriftyWorks PLATINUM Bonuses - Full Details...

ThriftyWorks Platinum Bonuses

[6] Start Using Chatbots TODAY! – Today, the best and most innovative way to reach your audience is by launching a simple, easily accessible, easy-to-use, and effective chatbot. And by providing your audience with a conversational chatbot with a bit of personality, you can keep them engaged.

[7] AI in Digital Marketing – Being smart in business means knowing what’s just around the corner. It means thinking ahead and preparing for inevitable changes that will impact the way business is conducted. This is what allows a business to be resilient and to thrive in a changing environment. Digital marketing is no different. It’s affecting the way that SEO works, the tools and software we use, and the way that ads are displayed. The digital marketing singularity is just around the corner.

[8] Using ChatGPT – The Insider’s Guide – Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you know that AI is here to stay. And it will be a part of everyone’s lives at some point. But today we are looking at one specific type of Artificial Intelligence website that is taking the internet by storm: writing with ChatGPT.

[9] Money Machines with A.I. Images – Creating income streams using AI-generated images is an increasingly popular way to make money online. With the advancements in artificial intelligence, creating digital images with little or no human intervention is becoming more and more possible. This presents many opportunities for freelancers to generate extra income by leveraging the power of AI in their workflow.

[10] 3000 ChatGPT Prompts – Maximise the potential of Open AI’s Chatbot, ChatGPT, with our Incredible and Valuable Bundle of 3000 “ChatGPT Prompts” and Tweak Specific Prompts to Boost Up Your Business. Boost engagement by targeting the media with this highly cost-effective and amazing product!

ChatGPT Prompts is a Cutting-edge Package of 3000 Prompts that fences in Prompts of almost every niche that you can think of to optimise ChatGPT. The collection consists of 41 sub categories in 41 PDF’s – arranged within 7 categories – making it easier to access exactly what you need.

“Nothing else will transform your online business like this one thing!”

Whether it’s creating content for your social media campaigns or for articles to post on your website, our package covers prompts for every niche. They’ll provide accurate and informative answers when optimised with each prompt.

ChatGPT is an AI tech trained on a vast amount of data, which enables a user to gain accurate and informative responses to a wide range of questions. It’s also very fast and convenient! A few clicks on the keyboard and it can generate a response in minutes.

Extra / DS Bonus – these are a ‘down-sell incentive’ with a value much greater than a few dollars discount – so no price drops for affiliate on DS

[E3] PLR Profit Power – A guide to profiteering from using PLR to make money, or promote your website. When it comes to making money online, there are many individuals who move on to the next opportunity when they do not fully understand how one works. If you do this with private label reselling, you may be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Instead of moving on to the next money-making opportunity, you are advised to learn as much as you can about private label resell rights.

After you have familiarised yourself with this amazing opportunity – from this detailed, 47-page guide – you may very well find that it is a great way to make money.

OTO-2+   ThriftyWorks Platinum Plus+

(OTO-2+) ‘Platinum Plus+’ – Wizardro…

Wizardro creates unlimited PDF eBooks with the capability to add graphics and format the text. Ultimately creating a complete digital product in just minutes!

Simply start with just a simple few words – and let A.I. Powered Wizardro do the rest. Then simply spend a few minutes arranging and maybe incorporating extra content (such as free images) and then ‘hey presto’ – your high quality digital product is completed. The whole process is intuitive, fast – and so easy.

A.I. Ideas Generator | 3 Click Turbo Creator | Multilingual Generator | 16 x Writing Styles | eBook Design Editor | Add Graphics to PDF | Unlimited Projects | Unlimited Cloud Storage | No Watermark or Branding | Premium Online Support

Media & Swipes

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JV Affiliates Contest

As this is my first launch, and finances are currently very challenged – I’m unable to offer a monetary contest award incentive – on this first occasion.

However, what I can offer, is something which many of the more serious affiliates will find equally, if not even more rewarding! – is a dedicated and permanent live leader-board for ThrftyWorks sales only.

As ThriftyWorks is an ‘evergreen’ product – it will remain visible for all those successful affiliates, as a testament to their promotion abilities. We will continue to promote – which should become prominent globally online. So if you’d like the prestige you deserve – then promote ThriftyWorks the best you can, to rise up the leader-board – whilst pleasing your list, and your pocket. I look forward to reciprocating, with a prestige promotion of your products too.


About the Product Creator

Mark A Elvidge

Hello, my name is Mark Elvidge – and this is my first of many product launches. That’s if you don’t count the ‘business website builder’ I designed, coded, and put on the market in the mid 90’s.

Things were very different then. No Stripe, PayPal, YouTube or JVZoo. Back then, it was still prudent to market by surface mail. Although getting listed on the major search engines was much easier – with less competition. The biggest search engine back then was Yahoo – as Google was only just being launched. Since then I have kept an active business online – mainly with web design and hosting. I have also previously had a number of successful brick and mortar businesses – employing around 50+ people.

My life took a major turn after both of my parents had been diagnosed (within the same week!) with different types of dementia. Long story short – I made the decision to be their full-time carer, within their own home, so they could remain there together to the end. They had been loyally married for over 50 years.

This was very demanding and challenging – although rewarding too – and I have no regrets in taking the path I did. I continued to care for them both for a number of years, until the days they both passed at home.

Mark and Debbie

Yours truly – with my fiancé Debbie

During my time as a carer – I received very little income, in the form of the UK Governments ‘Carers Allowance’ scheme. Since then, I have been working hard to get myself financially back on my feet. I’ve decided to put all of my efforts into digital product creation and affiliate marketing – using my coding and web-design skills. So here we are today – with ThriftyWorks – which incidentally has been inspired by my own current money challenges.

I currently have numerous other digital products in development – with which I aim to establish my business with, whilst building up my ‘buyers list’ – so that I can effectively reciprocate with the affiliate promotions of other peoples products, in the same arenas.

Therefore, I humbly welcome any support, which JV Partners can assist me with in my endeavours – as I’m in this for the long haul.

Contact Options

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions,
or with requests for my assistance in anyway, which will help with your promotions and sales of ThriftyWorks.

Web Form

ThriftyWorks JV Terms

You must abide by these terms and conditions, if requesting an affiliate link and being a part of this launch. Violation of ANY of these terms could result in an immediate termination, and instant removal from this and other launches. Violations may also result in legal actions, and the instant / retrospective removal of any commissions entitlement.

1). Strictly no email spamming. Emails should originate from you, and your own list, with an effective and clearly visible unsubscribe option link.

2) You may NOT create social media pages, or purchase domain names with our product or brand name. You may NOT use our name, or our product name as the ‘sender’ in your emails.

3) Brand, creator or product impersonation are NOT acceptable.

4) You may NOT purchase domain name(s) with the same or similar name as our product or brand name, nor clone or otherwise copy our site – using that site to sell our product as your own. Furthermore, you may not add our product – whether purchased through us or obtained in any other manner – and sell or offer it on any type of website. This constitutes theft of our intellectual property rights, and would be considered fraudulent.

5) You may NOT post links to our OTO’s (up-sell pages) anywhere – including as part of a review. However, YOU CAN post details of our up-sell content – as detailed above.

6) You must NOT encourage, nor give instruction to anyone – in relation to cancelling an order with a refund, so that the purchase can then be made directly through your link. Although you CAN provide instruction on how the potential client can be certain that they are making the purchase through your link.

7) You must NOT use any type of ‘negative’ campaigning – such as proclaiming that our product or service is a scam, problematic, or inferior – or any other method to attract controversial click-through rates, that an ordinary person would deem to portray a negative view of the product. You may NOT use offensive or negative domain names.

8) You must NOT use any inaccurate information, false testimonials, misleading claims, or any ‘black/grey hat’ marketing techniques – and must comply with FTC / Trading Standards guidelines.

9) Cash rebates of any kind, are NOT permitted as part of the sales and/or marketing process.

10) You may not purchase from your own affiliate link.

11) Please do not promote ‘raw’ affiliate links – as doing so can reduce conversions and sales for both of us. Instead, please use a ‘link redirect’ service – which will also give you the added advantage of statistical tracking. There are a multitude of such services available – starting for free.

12) We always aim to produce and market effective products and services, and at very reasonable prices. Overall, we operate a transparent, professional, and ethical business – and we expect our partners to do the same.

NOTE: These terms and conditions, and those of the affiliate sales platform, may be updated at any time without notice. Affiliate payment details are as set out at the affiliate platform. In some instances, especially with new affiliates, or those with low volume sales – affiliate payments may be delayed for a short period, to ensure that promotions and sales have been made in full compliance with our, and the sales platform T&C’s – and in compliance with marketing and trading laws.

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